The New England Jewelers Association has been around for many years and most of our members have been long time supporters of the organization. Some of the many benefits of NEJA membership include:  Informative & Educational Seminars of Industry hot topics
(i.e. – Synthetic Diamonds), Networking & Trading events and a great golf outing; Generous Scholarships are available to eligible members for trade related coursework; Encouraging members to contribute, newsletters are published to keep membership abreast of current, pertinent information and events.  All of this is accomplished by the toil and diligence of our outstanding Executive Director, Lynn, and a dedicated volunteer Board of Directors of your like-minded contemporaries.


Our Mission

•    Provide a forum for networking, communication and discussion of industry issues.
•    Support educational initiatives, including seminars, programs and scholarships.
•    Build consumer confidence by advocating professionalism and high ethical standards.
•    Foster integrity through uniform participation in fair trade and responsible business practices.
•    Protect and promote the welfare of our members and the public by sharing intelligence and resources, supporting legislative advocacy on key issues, and forming alliances with national organizations.


We at New England Jewelers Association value your membership.

The NEJA board is busy planning for our future growth, and we welcome you to join us!


“A rising tide lifts all ships.”

Reasons to join

•    Network and build relationships with industry peers through professional conferences and social events.
•    Build and promote your business by sharing best practices and marketing ideas with fellow members.
•    Advance your career with seminars, educational programs and scholarship opportunities.
•    Be the first to capture new trends and discover fresh ideas by participating in design competitions.
•    Protect your reputation with guidance and education on important industry issues.

•    Strengthen consumer confidence via NEJA’s “Code of Conduct”.
•    Gain a competitive edge in jewelry business management, staff training, marketing and public affairs.
•    Learn about and be heard on federal and state legislative issues that matter most to retail jewelers.
•    Stay up-to-date on regulatory issues throughout the industry that can impact your business.
•    Contribute to the positive growth of the fine jewelry retail marketplace in New England.